About Us

Meet Cozmo! We rescued him off the street when he was about 2 years old and took him to the humane society thinking someone would be looking for this sweet dog.  When no one claimed him, we could not say no to his wonderful personality even though we already had three other rescue dogs living with us.  He is 12 years old now and had to have some dental work done where they extracted a couple of his teeth. That is why his tongue sticks out now.  He is also unfortunately loosing his eye sight so I thought it appropriate to stick some glasses on him. It captures his real personality :)


A percentage of our sales go to help animal rescue groups like the Humane Society among others. Aside from our love of animals and support for such great organizations, we are a USA based company that tries to finds the best pet products at the lowest price around the world so we can offer you, our customer quality at a savings over others.  I personally don’t like paying more for a product than I have to and we believe you should not have to pay inflated prices by bigger companies simply because they can.  

We offer a liberal return policy and exceptional customer service. 

Blessings & Happy Shopping:)

Think about adopting a pet today from you local Animal Shelter or Humane Society and not a breeder. They can bring so much love into your life. 

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